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Falling Leaves

We hope you all have enjoyed a break down free, healthy, & efficient Air Conditioning season.

During this A/C season we enjoyed the comfort our central Air provides us. Likewise so have some unwanted intruders in our homes. All summer long the air filter / return duct of your Central Air & heat system, sucks in everything you and your house breathes in. This includes the dust and dirt that wasn't stopped by the type of filter you use. Even more important are the mold spores in the air we breathe! It has been said that we live in the mold belt of the country. It's a regular component of the air our homes and family breathe.

Let's ponder a question; you know that special smell you get out of your ducts every time you turn the heat on for the first time each year? What causes it? Obviously answers include dirt and dust that got by poor quality air filters come to mind. But more important is the fact that your Central A/C system, "The Lungs of your home" serves as a breeding Ground for mold, viruses, and bacteria all summer long! The dirt provides a bedding area for these to grow in and the cold dark & wet conditions help it all to grow all summer long.

Now, we turn our heat on and something very interesting can take place. Mold has a natural reaction to two things. 1st is heat and 2nd is Light. Both cause mold to discharge its spores into your air stream. We call this an annual pollution cycle that effects most of our homes. It happens more to the a/c & heat systems without some of the basic protections that come standard with most systems we install today.

Ultra violet light is extremely effective at killing 99% of known viruses, bacteria, and destroys mold spores ability to reproduce. It also keeps your Central ac cheaper to run. When we install UVC Technology into your homes lungs / AC system, it turns the Unit into an Air purification system. It kills those things that would otherwise grow on your evaporator coil and keeps it spotless. By doing this it actually eliminates the common degradation of efficiency and higher electric usage that other unprotected a/c unit's experience. Lower energy bills & Healthier Air!


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