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What Makes Us Different?

The best way for Air Max to explain what makes us different, is for us to provide an example of customer situations and how other service companies handle them compared to how we do.

Your air is broken and you call the regular home town A/C folks to take care of you.

The air conditioner was freezing up, and the technician finds the blower in your unit isn't running. He tracks this down to a simple relay and replaces it. 200 dollars later he says good bye believing he did a good job and your unit is now running. Great Service right?

Well, in the middle of that night while you lay in bed, you realize you don't have air again. You call again, first thing in the morning. Now another technician tells you that he has found another fault. You are leaking Freon and that is why it is freezing up again!

Here's the dilemma, and the ugliest part, the nagging question of did he fix the right thing the first time? And why is this technician trying to charge me again. I am already inconvenienced, hot and not sure it was properly diagnosed when the other guy was here yesterday.

Ok! Here is how Air Max handles our customers.

1st we identify the primary/1st fault.

2nd and most importantly we conduct a free courtesy inspection of your whole system; this will give you a complete report card to base your decisions upon. Click here to view our Advanced Performance Analysis Checklist.

Your system is just that. It is a synergy of many different components that can each cause similar symptoms. On the call above, we would have found the bad blower relay and identified it as the primary fault , but then, conduct a multi point performance analysis, and find that the unit was low/leaking Freon, this causing your unit to freeze up as well.

Now we lay out all the findings recommend all repair options and you tell us what to do for you. No surprises or repeat visits with questionable findings.

The greatest service we offer our customers is our attention to detail. So we've been told!

Our thorough services are how we lower utility bills for many customers.

To view our advanced performance analysis checklist, click here. This is a list of all of the things we check when we come to service your unit.


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