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Q: Should I close off registers in rooms i don't use?

No, for several reasons, It is a myth that doing this will save you money in utility bill dollars.

  1. Closing registers increases static pressure in duct systems and can actually increase the power consumed by the blower in your air handling section of the ac & heat system. This is especially the case if you have modern unit with a variable speed motor. It will see the fact you restricted the air flow and eat more power to increase the flow!
  2. Closing registers can increase the temperature and freon pressures in your heat pump, this causes higher power consumption and the posibility of damaging the compressor. Its like giving your unit a heart attack and very expensive to repair.
  3. If you have a gas furnace it will cause it to run hotter. This can cause premature failure of heat exchangers over time, especially so if your ductwork has any design challenges (as many are restrictive to begin with).

Chemical Cleaning of the outdoor coil on a heat pump will make sure it can grab the most heat from the outdoor temperature air when its cold. We can do this service for you after our seasonal safety check of your unit is complete.

Leaves and debris in your unit cost utility dollars to be wasted. Sludge, dirt etc. in the bottom of your unit prevent water from the units defrost cycle to get out of the drain holes in the base pan of the outdoor unit.

So, just as soon as your unit melts its ow ice and starts running the fan on top again, it sucks all that water right back up onto the coils and ices up again, and again, etc. Repeated defrosting is very expensive to your utility bills.

Balance point:

Thermostats with out door temperature sensors can greatly reduce heating costs on heat pumps.

If your heat pump has the proper amount of electric auxiliary heaters to handle your homes heating needs, you can actually switch the heat pump off when outdoor temps dip to the temperature where heat pumps just go in and out of defrost, and shut them off until it warms up.

We actually can set the electric heaters to become cheaper to run than the heat pump when it gets extra cold, usually below 25-30 degrees.

Over 75% of false service calls are for heat pump owners that dont know its normal for heat pumps to ice up and also to go through the defrost cycle.

So, heres what happens:

  1. Ice forms on the coils outside
  2. A temperature sensor on that coil waits until it become 28 degrees assuring ice is on the coil.
  3. The unit makes a wooooosh sound combined with a rawrawraw sound it is now running as an air conditioner in the muddle of the winter! This gets the coil outside hot to melt the ice.
  4. The fan shuts off on the out door unit to speed up the process of getting the coil hotter and more quickly melting the ice. (no its not broken.)
  5. As you can imagine since its running as an air conditioner during defrost, our home is going to get very cold quick. So to reduce the cold air coming out of your vents to a luke cool/warm temperature, your outdoor unit computer board turns on the auxiliary heaters to minimize your discomfort.

As soon as the ice is melted the computer sees this and reverses the unit back to the heat mode!

From an energy use standpoint defrost cycles generally consume from 50-90 amps of power for five minutes or so. This is very expensive and is the very reason we recommend and install the outdoor temperature sensing thermostats from above to save big bucks in the winter.

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