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About Us

Air Max Heating, Air Electrical & Geothermal, is a 2nd Generation Veteran Family owned business.

Air Max Heating and Air began more than a decade ago in Florida, After (SFC) Allen Reed, a Shipboard Engineer with over 1100 hours HVAC Training, Retired From the Army in 1995.

Allen's Credentials Include an Active Florida State Certification for HVAC Contracting, License # CAC057990 & a 4 year tenure teaching professional development classes for central Tennessee Heating & Air Contractors.

Dale's credentials include, 11 years of hvac service and installation,

2 years of HVACR technical schooling at the Advanced Technology Center of Daytona beach Florida,

NATE Certification, and certification for the most efficeint a/c available today, the Nutone IQ Drive.

Both Allen & Dale posess the Tennessee Limited License Electrician certification, and can service & repair your home and business electrical needs.

In June of 2009 we decided that energy rates had become so High, that we would do something no one else does. Offer a special service, where we specialized in actually calculating the percentage of performance  and SEER rating of a/c systems, in order to truly tune them back to their designed (as close to New) efficiency as possible.

Its the MAIN difference why so many folks have switched to Air Max. Truly valuable Service instead of the old clean and check that rarely, decreases energy bills. We look for the small inexpensive items that chip away at your wallets every time you pay your utility bills.

We provide indoor air quality testing.

 Customers looking for healthy home air technologies and answer, find answers with Our Indoor Air quality technologie. We provide significant relief for many allergy patients/sufferers, who are trying to fix problems in the air they breathe.

Many actually reduce or even stop needing medication for their allergies.

We offer numerous brands of new heating and air conditioning Equipment. One of our favorites comes standard with central Air purification/Ultra Violet technology.

We believe strongly that the air you breathe Is more important than the air you feel.

We encourage you learn more about what makes us different from other heat and air companies.

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We encourage you to learn more about what makes us different from other heat and air companies. We are geothermal technology and energy efficiency specialists. We can lower your utility bills, while improving the air you breathe.



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